Toroidal Conductivity Probe 3000
Toroidal Conductivity Probe 3000

Toroidal Conductivity Probe 3000

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Part Number:290-PRB-CON-T3000
This toroidal conductivity sensor provides a non-contacting, inductive type conductivity measurement over a wide measuring range from 0 - 2,000,000 uS. Measurements can be made in samples from concentrated acids to 500 uS water with the same cell. Fouling and coatings are eliminated (or at least substantially reduced) with non-contacting cells. They will provide long term, trouble free operation.

All toroidal sensors are submersion ready to mount in tanks. Our standard polypro sensor can be mounted in-line with our unique 2" keyed CPVC flowcell.

  • Body material: Noryl
  • Max Temperature: 105 Degrees C
  • Max Pressure: 150 psig
  • Cable length: 20 feet

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