Submersible Data Acquisition Unit
Submersible Data Acquisition Unit

Submersible Data Acquisition Unit

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Part Number:910-SUB-V2
The JP Tech Submersible Data Acquisition Unit is a diagnostic testing device that measures and records voltage at various points on an automotive body or part as it travels through an electrodeposition (E-coat) tank.

Performance Features:

Data collected by "The Sub" can be used to set up the E-coat tank to provide better, more consistent film builds throughout the automotive body. Significant cost savings through reduced downtime and consistent quality can be realized.

Specifically, "The Sub" can be used to:
  • Set up an E-coat tank to run efficiently
  • Establish a maintenance schedule that ensures continuous quality
  • Diagnose a problem
  • Modify the E-coat process to optimize film builds
About "The Sub"

The Submersible Data Acquisition Unit includes an electronic recorder, leak proof container, probes, grounding wire, microSD card, microSD adapter, USB adapter, and a hold down strap. Its advanced data collection capabilities are designed to record electrical information in an E-coat tank in an accurate and reliable manner. Once the data has been recorded onto the memory card on "The Sub", it can be transferred to a computer for analysis.

The unit is designed for use with any computer that can run Microsoft Excel 5.0 or newer.

Design Benefits

The "Sub" unit is designed for ease of use and understanding. It features a touch screen display easy set up. It controls the mode in which the unit is operating. The top board contains a USB charger port, the touch screen display, and a slot for a MicroSD card which stores the data that has been gathered.

The unit is equipped with a rechargeable battery as well as a USB charger cable.


The Submersible Data Acquisition Unit is warranted to the owner against defects in manufacture for a period of one year from original purchase date.

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