Fluoride-Resistant pH Probe - GLIT - Submersion w/Quick Connect
Fluoride-Resistant pH Probe - GLIT - Submersion w/Quick Connect

Fluoride-Resistant pH Probe - GLIT - Submersion w/Quick Connect

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Plastic tanks and piping are particularly susceptible to grounding problems, because of poor earth grounding. Dirty motors from electrically driven pumps or mixers, other electrical equipment and even conductivity probes leak voltage into the solution which feeds through the pH electrode and electronic circuit. This leads to invalid readings and shortened electrode life.

This electrode combats these problems by utilizing a solution ground pin and internal battery powered ground interrupt circuit. The battery has an estimated 2 year service life.
Submersion measurements in tanks, flumes, and sewer lines are the most common type of mounting arrangement for pH measurement. It is especially well suited for applications with high suspended solids or where flocculation operations require low velocities. It is also useful for coating problems in tanks which have high agitation.
Where only low velocities are present and coating is a problem, the electrode can be mounted at a 45 degree angle facing into the flow. This will provide enhanced scrubbing action across the measuring surface, keeping the surface cleaner, longer.
Our cartridge style makes installation and removal of the electrodes a breeze. The pH electrode cartridge has a BNC type connector and a pair of O-rings fitted into the top end. Simply plug the electrode in to the Cap Cable, and you are done! The O-rings provide a watertight seal, even under the most demanding conditions.

This probe is fluoride-resistant, but may also be used in standard applications with increased life expectancy over standard pH probes!

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