Darrah Rectifier 1500A 9V
Darrah Rectifier 1500A 9V

Darrah Rectifier 1500A 9V

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Part Number:993-DAR-001

Completely Rebuilt Darrah Rectifier

  • 60" tall X 39" Wide X 27" Deep
  • Weight: 758lbs
  • Input: 480volt 25amp
  • Output: 9volt 1500amp
  • Air Cooled
  • SCR with Remote
  • Darrah Regulator
  • Enerpro Driver

All rebuilt rectifiers include a JP Tech 6 month money back warranty and are not standard used rectifiers. They are completely refurbished to like-new condition. This includes: resurfacing connection points, removing corrosion, a piece by piece inspection with each piece being cleaned or replaced, and new hardware when needed.

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