Auto Voltage Controller
Auto Voltage Controller

Auto Voltage Controller

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Part Number:295-3-AUTO-VOLT
The Auto Voltage Controller is designed to maintain the desired E-coat paint film thickness by making fine adjustments to the voltage. Even if you paint a wide variety of wares, there is plenty of built-in capacity to handle many different situations. An exclusive JP Tech algorithm provides for a virtually unlimited number of set points.

A good analogy is to think of a recipe and the ware are painted according to the recipe in use at the time. Some clients have a recipe where a thin coating is requested and then use a different recipe when a thicker coating is required.
For hoist type E-coat paint systems a snapshot is taken during the initial ramp up period the final voltage selected based upon a predetermined table.

  • Versatile monochrome touch screen (10 x 15 cm) allows easy programming.
  • NEMA 4x Plastic enclosure boxes: one for display and power supply, and the other for the PLC and I/O to communicate with your DC rectifier.
  • The output of the controller is connected to the rectifier s voltage & current adjustment controls so that the rectifier can controlled to provide the required output to meet the film thickness targets that have been previously identified.
  • Ladder logic of the PLC can be customized to meet almost any special need situation.
  • 120 VAC 1 phase, conditioned (3 Amp) power is required.
  • Maximum number of recipes is 5. Each recipe can handle many different configurations.

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