PH/ORP Controller Kit: Dual Pump, probe, and temp. comp. cable with Mounting Kit.

PH/ORP Controller Kit: Dual Pump, probe, and temp. comp. cable with Mounting Kit.

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290-PH/ORP-P3: PH/ORP Controller:


  • Meters include two universal PH and ORP inputs.
  • Input dampening for slow-to-react adds.
  • Auto/Manual temperature compensation
  • Two built in peristaltic pumps. Hose kit included.
  • Each pump has independant setpoints.
  • Relays can control temperature when temperature compensated cables are used.
  • Permanent memry, backlit display for low light levels.
  • Small in size; All plastic to resist even the harshest environment.
  • Simple wiring reduces installation time and cost.
  • 230VAC optional.
  • 4-20 mA output optional

290-CBL-Q1T: Cable w/Temperature for PH/ORP Quick Probes


  • Cable for PH/ORP probes with Quick BNC connector.
  • Temperature sensor built in!
  • Recommended for use with ORP probes and PH probes where temperature is stable.
  • Works with in-line or tank mounting kits.

290-PRB-PH-Q1T: PH Probe - Submersion w/Quick Connect

The flat measuring surface minimizes the problems associated with coating. They are abrasion resistant, and simple to clean, when cleaning is necessary.
Our cartridge style makes installation and removal of the electrodes a breeze. The PH electrode cartridge has a BNC type connector and a pair of O-rings fitted into the top end. Simply plug the electrode in to the Cap Cable, and you are done! The O-rings provide a watertight seal, even under the most demanding conditions.
290-PRB-MTG: In-Tank Probe Mounting Kit (not shown in picture)
Mounting Kit for in-tank PH/ORP and Conductivity probes. Lengths available: 24", 36", and 48". Custom lengths available upon request.

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